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Are you entirely decided to adopt and rehome an Australian shepherd in Ohio? Do you know where to start? If your answer is no, keep reading.

We will be helping you with your journey of Australian shepherd adoption. However, finding the best Australian shepherd rescue in Ohio might be difficult.

Still, we will give you a list of Australian shepherd rescues in Ohio so that you can find the perfect Australian Shepherd puppies that you can bring home.

Let’s do it!

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Australian Shepherd Rescues Ohio Listings Near Me

NamePostal CodePhoneWebsite
Aussie Rescue in OhioN/A877-277-4779
Heaven to Earth RescueOH 44663(330) 465 6040
Speak for the UnspokenOH 43123(740) 237 7325
Paws For MilesOH 45140No Phone NumberNo Website
Animal Shelter SocietyOH 43701(740) 452 1077
Perry County Dog ShelterOH 43764(740) 342 3795No Website
Licking County Humane SocietyOH 43056(740) 323 2100
Belmont County Animal ShelterOH 43950(740) 695 4708
Crossed Paws Animal ShelterOH 43793(740) 934 2693
Painted Acres Animal RescueOH 45698(740) 596 4070No Website
Help Save Pets – OhioOH 43230(815) 436 2700

Australian Shepherd Puppies for Adoption and Rehoming in Ohio

Heaven to Earth Rescue

Address – Unknown

Phone – 877-277-4779


Heaven to Earth Rescue

Address – 1818 Oldtown Valley Rd SE, New Philadelphia, OH 44663, United States

Phone – (330) 465 6040


Speak for the Unspoken

Address – 3691 Garden Ct, Grove City, OH 43123, United States

Phone – (740) 237 7325


Paws For Miles

Address – 1313 W Loveland Ave, Montgomery, OH 45140, United States

Phone – NA

Website – No Website

Animal Shelter Society

Address – 1430 Newark Rd, Zanesville, OH 43701, United States

Phone – (740) 452 1077


Perry County Dog Shelter

Address – 1650 Commerce Dr, New Lexington, OH 43764, United States

Phone – (740) 342 3795

Website – No Website

Licking County Humane Society

Address – 825 Thornwood Dr SW, Heath, OH 43056, United States

Phone – (740) 323 2100


Belmont County Animal Shelter

Address – 45244 National Rd W, St Clairsville, OH 43950, United States

Phone – (740) 695 4708


Crossed Paws Animal Shelter

Address – 41383 Stonehouse Rd, Woodsfield, OH 43793, United States

Phone – (740) 934 2693


Painted Acres Animal Rescue

Address – 68649 Dutch Ln, Zaleski, OH 45698, United States

Phone – (740) 596 4070

Website – No Website

Help Save Pets – Ohio

Address – 610 Morrison Rd, Gahanna, OH 43230, United States

Phone – (815) 436 2700


How Much Does It Cost To Adopt An Australian Shepherd In Ohio?

If you choose adoption, it will cost you a significantly lower price than buying an Australian shepherd from a breeder. If you adopt an Australian shepherd, it will only cost you around $300. 

This fee will be for the expenses of the shelter in taking care of the dog. On the other hand, buying an Australian shepherd from a breeder will cost you somewhere between $500 to $1,500. 

Choosing A Good Australian Shepherd Rescue

If you are considering dog adoption, there are so many places to adopt an Australian shepherd. But it would be best if you are looking for an excellent and reputable Australian shepherd rescue. 

Of course, an incredible Australian shepherd rescue means that they are taking genuine care of their animals. So here are the qualities that you can look for in a rescue.

Clean And Organized Facility

Every facility needs to be clean. Cleanliness is a reflection of how an organization handles the operation. In the case of dog rescue, they must have a clean facility. 

The dirty facility will cause harm to the animals. And if they genuinely care for their animals, they need to have their facility cleaned.

Responsible And Committed Staff Or Volunteers

In a dog rescue, they are made up of volunteers, lots of them. A good organization is a good community based on its people. If the staff and volunteers are friendly and committed to their work and passion, the rescue will thrive. 


It also refers to the transparency of the rescue. The staff and volunteers must be accommodating. 

Their main goal is to find their animals a new home that will love and care for them. With that, every person who taps the shelter must be accommodated. 

Healthy Animals

It is a little bit tricky. You cannot know if an animal is healthy, but it can reflect on its physical appearance. So you have to observe the animal’s physical appearance. 

Check if the animals are thin and weak. An energized and happy animal is a reflection of the care of the rescue. 

How Do I Pick A Good Rescue Australian Shepherd?

Picking an Australian rescue shepherd from shelters can be easy for some people. They can pick any Australian shepherd in there and bring it home. 

But if you’re one of those who want to be meticulous in picking their Australian Shepherd, here are some qualities that can help you pick the best Australian Shepherd for you. 

Australian Shepherd’s Background

You can ask for the background of the Australian Shepherd. Shelters are for abused and neglected dogs. 

The dogs in the shelter are sometimes not in their best state. You can ask for the background of the Australian Shepherd you are interested in. 

Australian Shepherd’s Temperament

Abused dogs can be aggressive as a result of being physically hurt. With this, the dog can become aggressive. Choose an Australian shepherd that has a good temperament and no signs of aggression.

Australian Shepherd’s Body Language

When you first meet the Australian Shepherd, look for the signs of their body language. If the dog will come near you and is excited to see you, that dog has a good personality. 


It can be challenging to look for a reputable Australian Shepherd rescue in Ohio. We have provided the list to save you time and energy finding all Australian Shepherd rescues in Ohio.

This way, you can sooner find your Australian Shepherd puppies. Good luck on your journey to adoption.

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Or you can check our overall page with a list of all covered Australian Shepherd rescues.


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