Best Answers For Pet Adoption Application (Without Lying)

If you have recently decided to get a dog, you might ask yourself about the process of adopting a dog. Adopting a dog is not always straightforward. For starters, you need to be fully decided. 

It would be best if you prepared mentally for your next adventure of getting a dog. You see, adopting a dog is not one-sided. You do not get to decide you want a dog right now, and a dog will be automatically given to you. 

You need to be eligible for adopting a dog. The process of adopting a dog is direct, but there is a lot to consider. A dog shelter is strict when it comes to giving away their dogs. 

The questioning for the one who will adopt is critical. The dog shelters must know if you are capable of taking care of a dog. If you want to adopt a dog, you must understand what you are entering and expect to adopt a dog. 

You have to expect many questions from the dog shelter, and you are required to answer questions from them. These questions are harmless but require a lot of details and thinking. Whether you like it or not, the way you answer these questions will determine if you are worthy of having a dog. 

Dog shelters need to ensure you can take care properly of a dog. They will also pair you with the kind of dog you need. With that, we are here to help you ace your pet adoption application. 

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Dog Adoption Interview Questions And How To Pass Them

Some people get so excited to adopt a dog. They go to a dog shelter, answer the pet adoption application, and get rejected. This is true for most people. 

If you wish to know a lot about pet adoption questions and how to answer them, we will provide the most common questions and how you can answer them. 

Are You Married Or Not?

This question directly asks if you have someone at home with you. You might be asked to provide the name of your husband or wife if you are married. In the question, you might also be asked to give a little background of your spouse. 

You will have to indicate a little background check. You must put your spouse’s occupation and their contact numbers. Answer as direct and precisely as you can. 

Do You Have Any Children?

This question will cover a lot of information. This question will help the dog shelter determine what kind of dog is best for you. If you have children, they will go with a gentle, non-aggressive dog that your children will enjoy. 

This question can also determine if you are patient enough to have a dog. We all know that having children requires patience and understanding. Having a dog requires the same treatment too. 

Answer the question directly and truthfully. The dog shelter will not be able to help you if you do not speak honestly.

Do You Live Alone Or With Somebody?

This question asks if you have somebody in your house as a company. If you are married and have a kid, they will ask you if there are still people living with you aside from your kids and spouse. 

This is important because the dog shelter would want to know if you have someone who will be in direct contact with the dog. These first questions are mostly about setting up the stage. It is about knowing who you are and who you are with. 

Does Everyone At Home Agree To Adopt A Dog?

This will be the start of deep questions. Dog shelters will be grilling you down if you are capable of adopting a dog. This question is vital because it asks about your company in the house and their say on the adoption. 

Of course, there should be no one opposing this adoption because if there has, the dog might be in danger if the person can physically hurt the dog. It is essential for everyone in the household to agree with the adoption so that everyone can welcome the dog genuinely. 

If someone does oppose the adoption, that person must not be capable of hurting the dog. If that person is capable, you might reconsider adopting a dog for its welfare.

Is There Somebody At Home Who Has Asthma Or Allergies?

Dogs can trigger asthmas and allergies. This is why people with asthma and allergies are advised not to go near a dog. If there is somebody in your house who has allergies or asthma, you must write it truthfully. 

Dog shelters will not just care for their dogs; they will also care for the family members who want to adopt a dog. Answering this truthfully might mean you will not get to adopt a dog if you, indeed, have someone who is allergic and asthmatic. But it is for the best. 

Are You The Primary Caretaker Of The Dog?

This question answers who is the most responsible person for the dog. The primary caretaker is responsible for all responsibilities for the dog. This includes grooming the dog and feeding them. 

This is important for the dog shelter, so they know who to focus on observing their dogs’ new home. This question will also help the dog shelter know who to call for the dog.

For 10 To 15 Years, Are You Prepared To Take Care Of This Dog?

This question is fundamental. This will determine your commitment to the dog. Adopting a dog is not short-term. 

You do not get to have a dog, and if you get bored with it, you can bring it back or give it away. This will help the dog shelter know if you are willing to go for this in the long run. 

This question will unmask your commitment to this adoption and be responsible enough to handle this for a long time. This question will also answer if you have thought this through. It is essential for dog adoption that is not making a rash decision. 

What Is The Reason Why You Will Adopt A Dog?

This question is the cherry on top. This question will show the answer of why you need to adopt a dog. Some questionnaires will have choices, but other questionnaires will require you to write your answer. 

It would be best if you answered the question truthfully. This is an essential question because this will be the basis of your reason for adopting a dog is valid. 

If You Will Become Sick, Who Will Take Care Of Your Dog?

 This question is for the welfare of the dog. Of course, you are not healthy all of the time. You can get sick, too, and the dog shelter needs to secure the dog’s safety. 

So you have to think this through and plan ahead of time if you get sick. The dog must have someone to look after them. 

Where Do You Live?

Some people get rejected by this question. Your home is an essential factor in getting a dog. Your home will be the dog’s home. 

It is critical to have an environment conducive to growing and keeping a dog. You have to describe your home here. 

Describe your home and your neighborhood. This will also determine what kind of breed that is suited for you. 

There are a lot of questions for a dog adoption application. Listed above are just some of the common ones. Remember to answer the questions truthfully.

What Do You Say On A Pet Adoption Application?

Honesty is the best answer to this. If you are sincere in getting a dog, you will be honest about it. The more open you are, the more you can be approved for adoption. 

You should know that the dog shelter’s priority is the dogs’ welfare, so base your answers on that. Do not lie because that will show in your answers. 

What Do Pet Adoption Agencies Look For?

The priority of pet adoption agencies is to ensure the safety of the dog to be adopted. So you need to make sure that you answer the questions with a sense of responsibility and commitment. 

They will not allow you to have a dog if you are not capable of having one. You must care for the dog. 

Can You Lie On A Pet Adoption Application?

Yes, you can live if you want to, but that is not the case. Dog shelters are experts on identifying if the answers are a lie. 

If you want to jeopardize your chance of having a dog, you need to be honest. Lying will not get you anywhere. 

Reasons For Not Being Approved For Pet Adoption

Rejection for pet adoption is uncommon. It happens to everyone, especially those who are not 100% serious about getting a pet. Getting a pet is not just a yes or no. 

You need to have commitment and patience. If you are rejected for pet adoption, here are some reasons why. 

1. Refusing To Sign The Contract Of Giving Up The Dog

There is a contract that you need to sign about giving up the dog. If you wish to give up the dog you just adopted, you must notify the shelter immediately for that. If you do not sign the contract or disagree with the agreement, you can get rejected. 

2. You Adopted The Dog As A Gift

Many people adopt a dog and give it to someone else as a gift. But this is not the ideal way of owning a dog. 

Having a dog comes with many responsibilities, so if you give it to someone else, they might not be prepared to have a dog. A person should get a dog if he wants to have a dog and not because someone gave it to him. 

3. You Adopted A Dog To Have It As Security Guard

There are many reasons you should adopt a dog, but making it as a security guard is not one of them. Dogs are adopted to be loved and to give you love. 

4. Your House Is Not Conducive For Having A Dog

You have to check if your house is safe for the dog. This will make the dog shelter approve your application.


In summary, dog adoption is not easy. It is the job of dog shelters to ensure that their dogs are safe after adoption. 

So this will not come easy because they will drill you down. They will ensure that the dog is in safe hands.

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