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You have fully decided to adopt and rehome a German Shepherd in Oregon. Do you know what to do? Do you know how much it cost? 

Do you know what to consider in choosing a suitable German Shepherd rescue in Oregon? Do not fret. We can help you with that. 

Choosing the best German Shepherd puppies in German Shepherd shelters is quite a work, but you are lucky because we will be giving you a list of German Shepherd rescues in Oregon! 

Here we go!

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German Shepherd Rescues Oregon Listings Near Me

NamePostal CodePhoneWebsite
The Pixie ProjectOR 97232(503) 542-3433
Greenhill Humane SocietyOR 97402541-689-1503
Heartland Humane SocietyOR 97333541-757-9000
Rebel Souls RescueOR 97756541.815.0252
Puplandia Dog RescueOR 97006+1 541-270-2828
Animal AidOR 97221(503) 292-6628
A New Leash on Life OR

German Shepherd Puppies for Adoption and Rehoming in Oregon

The Pixie Project

Address – 510 N.E. Martin Luther King Blvd. Portland, OR 97232

Phone – (503) 542-3433


Greenhill Humane Society

Address – 88530 Green Hill Rd.   Eugene, OR 97402

Phone – 541-689-1503


Heartland Humane Society

Address – 398 SW Twin Oaks Circle Corvallis, OR 97333

Phone – 541-757-9000


Rebel Souls Rescue

Address – 5590 NW Birch Ave Redmond, Oregon 97756

Phone – 541.815.0252


Puplandia Dog Rescue

Address – Puplandia Dog Rescue PO Box 5171 Aloha, OR 97006

Phone – +1 541-270-2828


Animal Aid

Address – 5335 SW 42nd Avenue Portland, OR 97221

Phone – (503) 292-6628 


A New Leash on Life 

Address – 155 Division Avenue, Eugene, Oregon   97404

Phone – 541-484-1962

How Much Does It Cost to Adopt a German Shepherd in Oregon?

The adoption fee of German Shepherds in Oregon will range from two hundred fifty dollars up to four hundred sixty dollars.

Choosing a Good German Shepherd Rescue

If you are trying to adopt a rescued German Shepherd from German Shepherd shelters, you might be confused about what you should consider.

If you would ask people like your friends and family, they might have different opinions that would confuse you. But there is not so much to consider. 

The fact that you chose to adopt a rescued German Shepherd than buying one is already one act of kindness. You might already know that there are so many rescued German Shepherds in the world and only a few German Shepherd shelters. 

If you adopt one, you are already saving a dog’s life. If you want a good rescue, you should consider the German Shepherd’s temperament. 

If the German Shepherd comes at you with no hesitations and no aggressiveness, you would know that it was a good rescue. If the German Shepherd is warm and inviting on your first encounter, it is already a good rescue because there are no signs of any trauma or aggression. 

How do I pick a good rescue German Shepherd?

You might ask yourself what kind of German Shepherd should you adopt and rehome. You can look for outgoing dogs. You can tell that by observing their body language when you first met.

If the dog’s gesture is warm and inviting, you might want to choose that because they are confident and trusting. If you are also not down to unlimited patience, you can also avoid a shy German Shepherd. 

These dogs can be a little bit of work because they are afraid and run away from you. If you are outgoing and a very hands-on person, you might not enjoy your German Shepherd in North Carolina because of its shyness. 

However, this is only a guide, and if the personality of the dog is not that of a big deal for you, you can pick any dog you want. Dogs can be trained and can also be flexible like some people are. If you love a challenge, you can pick any dog you want.  


In summary, the first thing you should consider is picking the right attitude for you. Compatibility is essential in adopting a German Shepherd in Oregon. 

Observe the open gestures of the dog the moment you meet it and decide from there. Dogs that are friendly and open will clearly show in their behaviors. 

There will be licking, tails wagging, and many more. If the first encounter is right for you, you can pick that dog to be your companion.

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Or you can check our overall page with a list of all covered German Shepherd rescues.


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