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Do you live in Oklahoma and want to adopt a Golden Retriever? Don’t be concerned. We’ve got what you’re looking for right now. This page will provide you with a list of Golden Retriever rescues in Oklahoma. You’ll save a lot of time searching for Golden Retriever shelters near you this way.

We understand that the process of adopting a dog can be time-consuming and takes a great deal of patience and work. You’ll save time looking for Golden Retrievers to adopt if you use the list below. It’s our way of assisting homeless pets in finding a new family who will provide them with the love they deserve.

As usual, we wish you the best of luck in rehoming a Golden Retriever.

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Golden Retriever Rescues Oklahoma Listings Near Me

NamePostal CodePhoneWebsite
Sooner Golden Retriever RescueOK 73120 405-749-5700
Elk City Animal ControlOK 73644(580) 225 7222
Northern Oklahoma Humane SocietyOK 74601(580) 767 8877
Guthrie Animal ShelterOK 73044(405) 282 1776
Edmond Animal ShelterOK 73034(405) 216 7615
Enid SPCAOK 73703(580) 233 1325

Golden Retriever Puppies for Adoption and Rehoming in Oklahoma

Sooner Golden Retriever Rescue

Address – Oklahoma City, OK 73120, United States

Phone – 405-749-5700


Elk City Animal Control

Address – 1022 S Main St, Elk City, OK 73644, United States

Phone – (580) 225 7222


Northern Oklahoma Humane Society

Address – 900 W Prospect Ave, Ponca City, OK 74601, United States

Phone – (580) 767 8877


Guthrie Animal Shelter

Address – Guthrie, OK 73044, United States

Phone – (405) 282 1776


Edmond Animal Shelter

Address – 2424 Old Timbers Dr, Edmond, OK 73034, United States

Phone – (405) 216 7615



Address – 1116 Overland Trail, Enid, OK 73703, United States

Phone – (580) 233 1325


How Much Does It Cost to Adopt a Golden Retriever in Oklahoma?

If you plan on adopting a Golden Retriever in Oklahoma, you’re saving a lot as you help homeless dogs and shelters.

On average, a purebred Golden Retriever can cost from $500 to $3,000 if you’d get it from a breeder.

However, if you would get one and adopt a Golden Retriever from a Rescue or Shelter, it would only cost around $50 to $300.

Of course, you’ll need to spend on other expenses like food and other items such as grooming tools and toys.

Still, it’s a much cheaper or affordable way to enjoy the company of a Golden Retriever. Moreover, you’ll do something right since you will provide a home for a dog in need. Thus, it will do good for both you and your pet.

Choosing a Good Golden Retriever Rescue

Of course, all Golden Retrievers (and dogs) are extraordinary pets, and they deserve the best. First, however, you must pick your future pet to adopt from a good rescue.

For this reason, you may look at these qualities in a rescue or shelter to be sure it’s a great one.

Rescue should have active and preventative programs to reduce animal killing.

The Rescue or Shelter must have an aggressive public education about overpopulation. Further, they should exert efforts to apply differential licensing. Thus, they should reward owners of neutered animals with lower license fees, spay/neuter subsidies, and referrals.

The Rescue should have spayed or neutered the dog

It’s strictly necessary for all adopted animals to get spayed or neutered. Thus, a good rescue should comply by neutering all animals before going to their new homes.

The Rescue should prioritize the animals’ well-being

A good rescue should have a specific adoption process and a set of adoption policies. All these should always direct towards the well-being of the animals.

The Rescue should have a clean and comfortable surrounding

A good rescue always shows it’s such by the surroundings. A clean and comfortable place means the animals are also well-cared.

Further, it echoes a skilled, compassionate, and good hygiene and healthcare program.

How do I pick a good rescue Golden Retriever?

Golden Retrievers are great pets, which means you won’t find it difficult to interact with one. Still, if you’re getting one from a shelter or rescue, you may want to pick the best among the rest.

If you would pick one from a shelter or rescue, it can be a little bit different from what you’d expect from a breeder. Thus, you may want to do the following in choosing a good Golden Retriever.

Observe the dog

Most shelters have an observation room for you to do this. If it has none, just do your best to find some quiet place. As soon as the dog gets comfortable, you may start observing.

The Golden Retriever should be friendly. It should come at you with no hesitation, sniff you, or even jump for attention.

If you see it exhibits exciting behavior, like tail wagging, it means it wants you to pet him.

Test the dog’s reaction to noises

The dog’s reaction to noise can tell a bit of its personality. Thus, you need to give it different tones and noise, especially with your voice.

Golden Retrievers want attention, so it’s a good sign if you see the dog trying to listen to you. The dog may even throw small barks that say it’s excited for you.

Touch the dog with caution

Shelter or rescue dogs are usually under stress. Thus, you always need to be cautious when touching it. You may also see how it reacts when you touch it.

A Golden Retriever likes getting touched or petted. Thus, if you cautiously touch it and begs for more, it can be a good sign for you.

Other things you can note would be tail-wagging and endless sniffing and licking.

Play with the dog

Since Golden Retrievers are playful by nature, you should also play with the dog. Moreover, you need to take note of how well it interacts as it plays.

Golden Retrievers are born to play. Thus, it should get excited upon seeing a ball or any other toys.

At other times, excitement means circling and moving enthusiastically.

Walk with the dog

Golden Retrievers like to walk, so you may want to test that out as well. Observe how it reacts when on a leash or when it sees other dogs, people, or anything on the road.

A good Golden Retriever does well with walking. So anything it sees around, like cars, bikes, or even other people and animals, would draw its attention.

You would need to walk your pet daily in the future, so it’s a good sign if you see it enjoys walking with you.

Let the dog interact with other dogs or animals.

It may or may not be possible, but you may ask to observe how the dog interacts with other animals. It will also be necessary if you have other pets at home.

Golden Retrievers play and interact well with other pets. Thus, if you have a pet at home, it would be great to take it to the shelter and allow it to play with the dog.

This way, you’ll introduce both pets to each other and see if they’re going to be alright.


Finding the ideal Golden Retriever rescue in Oklahoma takes time and effort. First, you must consider your compatibility with your Golden Retriever pups.

Observe their bodily behavior when you first see them. You might wish to choose canines who are extroverted and friendly. Shy dogs will take extra work to persuade into your chosen personality of your Golden Retriever.

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