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Are you planning to adopt and rehome Labradoodle puppies in Minnesota? Do you find it challenging to start the adoption process? Don’t know what to do? 

Don’t worry. We got your back. Below is a list of Labradoodle rescue in Minnesota. 

It is always hard to choose adoption. There are paper works and requirements that you need to do and prepare. But below is a list of all Labradoodle rescue in Minnesota to help you with your adoption. 

Here we go!

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Labradoodle Rescues Minnesota Listings Near Me

NamePostal CodePhone/EmailWebsite
Paws and Claws Humane SocietyMN 55901(507) 288-7226
Animal Humane SocietyMN 55448952-435-7738.
Secondhand HoundsMN 55345952-322-7643
Twin Cities Pet RescueMNdogs@twincitiespetrescue.org
Range Regional AnimalRange Regional Animal Rescue RescueMN 55746218-262-1900

Labradoodle Puppies for Adoption and Rehoming in Minnesota

Paws and Claws Humane Society

Address – 3224 19th Street NW Rochester, MN 55901

Phone – (507) 288-7226


Animal Humane Society

Address – 1411 Main St NW, Coon Rapids, MN 55448 // 845 Meadow Ln N, Golden Valley, MN 55422 // 9785 Hudson Rd, Woodbury, MN 55125

Phone – 952-435-7738.


Secondhand Hounds

Address – 5959 Baker Road Suite 390 Minnetonka, MN 55345

Phone – 952-322-7643


Twin Cities Pet Rescue

Address – NA

Email –


Range Regional AnimalRange Regional Animal Rescue Rescue

Address – 11215 Highway 37 Hibbing, MN 55746

Phone – 218-262-1900 


How Much Does It Cost To Adopt A Labradoodle In Minnesota?

A Labradoodle breed has been prevalent. They have this teddy-bear-like feature that makes everybody want to get their hands on it. 

Adopting a Labradoodle is more enriching than buying. You can also save money if you choose to adopt and rehome a Labradoodle than buy one. 

If you decide to buy a Labradoodle from a breeder, you will spend around $1,500 to $2,000. However, if you choose to adopt one, it will only cost you around $100 to $500. This is just one reason why it is better to adopt a dog than to buy one. 

Choosing A Good Labradoodle Rescue

If you are planning to adopt a Labradoodle from Labradoodle rescue, there are some things that you might need to know in picking a good Labradoodle rescue. There are so many Labradoodle rescues globally, but not all of them are reputable and have quality. In finding good and quality rescue, here are some things that you can look for in a rescue.

The Rescue Takes Care Of Their Animals

This is the foundation of a good rescue. Of course, their main objective is to take care of the animals and make sure that they are healthy until they have been found in a new home. These criteria can be reflected through the status of their animals. You can look if the animals are well taken care of and if they are adequately groomed. 

The Rescue Attends And Conducts Adoption Events

Adoption events are about promoting the goodness of adopting a pet. If the organization is good, they will attend adoption events and even conduct their own. This is to allow awareness of the people.

The Rescue Knows Their Limits

A good organization knows what its limits are. If the rescue cannot allow any more animals in their facility, they will not do it. A good rescue cares for the animals and not for the money. 

The Rescue’s Staff And Volunteers Is Friendly

A good organization is based on the goodness of the employees and volunteers who make up the organization. You can check if the staff are friendly and are accommodating by talking to them. They will be happy to assist you and answer your questions. 

How Do I Pick A Good Rescue Labradoodle?

Some people felt overwhelmed entering a dog rescue because they all want to adopt each dog in the facility. This guide is what you should look for when picking a Labradoodle rescue for you and your family.

Pick A Healthy Labradoodle

This might not be easy, but a dog’s health is visible in its physical appearance most of the time. You can look for well-groomed dogs, good and healthy-looking hair, and a dog with so much energy.

Observe The Body Language

A dog’s behavior is a reflection of what they are. Pick a dog that is not aggressive. You want to pick a dog that is friendly and open with its possible new owner. 

Pick a friendly Labradoodle

A friendly Labradoodle is easy to take care of. A shy dog will cost you more time and attention because they will not respond to you. You will have to coax them to be comfortable with you.


Labradoodle rescue is all over the place; however, you must find a good and quality Labradoodle rescue. With the list provided above, you will be able to have a push on your different voyages to adopt and rehome a Labradoodle. 

Adoption was never stress-free, and you will need all the assistance you can get to start the adoption process. It is also imperative to know how to find a good Labradoodle rescue and a good Labradoodle.

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