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If you want a poodle and you live in Georgia, you may have considered adoption. It will save you not only money but also the life of another homeless puppy. In this article, we compiled every Poodle Rescue in Georgia. 

This way, you won’t have to worry about searching for Poodle Shelters near you. Instead, you can focus on finding your new pet to adopt.

We hope you rehome a poodle soon!

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Poodle Rescues Georgia Listings Near Me

NamePostal CodePhone/EmailWebsite
Best Friends Animal Society in AtlantaGA 30339404-815-6680https://bestfriends.org/
Animal Ark GA 31907706-289-8495https://animalarkrescue.com
Coastal Pet RescueGA 31406912-228-3538https://coastalpetrescue.org/

Poodle Puppies for Adoption and Rehoming in Georgia

Best Friends Animal Society in Atlanta

Address – 4874 S Atlanta Rd. SE Atlanta, GA 30339

Phone – 404-815-6680


Animal Ark 

Address – 7133 Sacerdote Lane  Columbus, GA 31907

Phone – 706-289-8495


Coastal Pet Rescue

Address – 7430 Thomas Ave Savannah, GA 31406

Phone – 912-228-3538


How Much Does It Cost to Adopt a Poodle in Georgia?

If you have plans to adopt a Poodle in Georgia, you won’t only save the dog. You’ll also save a lot of money. 

On average, it would cost you around $700 to $1500 for a standard poodle if you would get one from a breeder. 

On the other hand, it would only cost you around $150 to $300 if you would adopt a poodle from a rescue or shelter. 

As always, you’ll spend on other expenses like food and other items such as grooming tools and toys.

Still, adoption is a much cheaper or affordable way to have a Poodle at home. 

Choosing a Good Poodle Rescue

Every Poodle (and every dog) deserves the best love and care from a family of its own. Thus, if you would adopt a Poodle, you should go to a rescue that loves and cares like a family.

For this reason, you may look at these qualities in a rescue or shelter to be sure it’s a great one. 

In Short, you need to choose a rescue that:

Has active and preventative programs to reduce the animal killing

The Rescue or Shelter must have an aggressive public education about overpopulation. Further, they should exert efforts to apply differential licensing. Thus, they should reward owners of neutered animals with lower license fees, spay/neuter subsidies, and referrals.

Spays or neuters the dog before sending it to the new family

It’s strictly necessary for all adopted animals to get spayed or neutered. Thus, a good rescue should comply by neutering all animals before going to their new homes.

Prioritizes the dogs’ well-being

A good rescue should have a specific adoption process and a set of adoption policies. All these should always direct towards the well-being of the animals.

Maintains a clean and comfortable surrounding

A good rescue always shows it’s such by the surroundings. A clean and comfortable place means the animals are also well-cared.

Further, it echoes a skilled, compassionate, and good hygiene and healthcare program.

How do I pick a good rescue Poodle?

Poodles are famous for their excellent temperament and attitude, which means you won’t find it difficult to interact with one. Still, if you’re getting one from a shelter or rescue, you may want to pick the best among the rest.

It can be slightly different from what you’d expect from a breeder if you would do so. Thus, you may want to do the following in choosing a good Poodle.

Observe the dog

Most shelters have an observation room for you to do this. If it has none, just do your best to find some quiet place. As soon as the dog gets comfortable, you may start observing.

A good poodle would bond quickly, though they can be shy at first. Poodles can be quite loyal to their owners. They typically bond quickly with family members. 

If the dog seems shy around you, don’t worry since it’s quite normal. While poodles may seem shy, they typically won’t aggressively react with you.

Test the dog’s reaction to noises

The dog’s reaction to noise can tell a bit of its personality. Thus, you need to give it different tones and noise, especially with your voice.

A good poodle will react to every noise you make. Poodles are famous for being intelligent, which means they respond well even to sounds you make.

A promising sign would be if they show their love to learn and want to please you. It’s all because these dogs appreciate any opportunity to learn.

Touch the dog with caution

Shelter or rescue dogs are usually under stress. Thus, you always need to be cautious when touching it. You may also see how it reacts when you touch it.

A good poodle would be shy at first, but it will enjoy petting. All kinds of poodles enjoy being petted, so you should expect your chosen dog to show the same. Try to go for its belly, back, chest and head. However, be cautious and avoid touching their legs and tails.

Play with the dog

Since Poodles are playful by nature, you should also play with the dog. Moreover, you need to take note of how well it interacts as it plays.

A good poodle may tire quickly, but it will love playing with you. This breed is one of the many active and playful dogs. Poodles have some strong instincts, and it comes from being bred as water retrievers. 

Whatever the type of poodle it is, it should have high energy and love to play. It’s for this reason that poodles fit in easily with families.

Walk with the dog

Poodles like to walk, so you may want to test that out as well. Observe how it reacts when on a leash or when it sees other dogs, people, or anything in the road.

A good poodle would love to have a hearty walk. While poodles are not athletes, they would love to have a walking time with their owners. It’s important not to overdo it, though. 

Let the dog interact with other dogs or animals

It may or may not be possible, but you may ask to observe how the dog interacts with other animals. It will also be necessary if you have other pets at home.

A good poodle would learn to socialize, but it needs time and training. Don’t worry if your poodle shows aloofness towards other pets. This attitude is trainable. With a specific time and training, they can do well with other pets.


The whole adoption process requires a lot of time and effort on your part. Still, you’ll find it fulfilling once you found and adopted your new Poodle.

Since you live in Georgia, you have several poodle shelters around you. The list we compiled includes every Poodle Rescue in Georgia. Thus, you will have a place to start if you want to adopt a Poodle.

As a general rule of thumb, always be on the lookout for acceptable qualities of Poodle Shelters. It’s in these places where you can find the best Poodle to adopt.

Other States

Or you can check our overall page with a list of all covered Poodle rescues.


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