German Shepherd Rescues and Shelters in the United States

There are millions of dogs in the world. German Shepherds are also one species that is widespread and common in the world. They are known for their protective features and gentle companionship. 

Dogs are part of the family. Many people on earth have been treating dogs as an extended part of the family. But this is a very positive thing. 

There are millions of dogs in the world that their owners have abused. Humans have been abused for so many years now, and imagine how worse it could be for the dogs. 

They cannot speak or talk or even go to the police. Yet, dog abuse has been so widespread in our world today. Some dogs have been abused, neglected, or completely abandoned. 

With this, animal shelters have been created. An animal shelter is a home for dogs who have been abused, neglected, or abandoned. Dogs need protection also like humans. Animal shelters save the lives of these dogs. 

They would care for the dogs, make them healthy, and make sure that they can find a new companion where they will be loved and cared for.

German Shepherd Rescues and Shelters

List of German Shepherd Rescues

Abused, neglected, and abandoned German Shepherds are scattered all over the world. This is why the growing numbers of animal shelters have increased. If you are looking for an animal shelter, here is a list for you.

How to Choose a Good German Shepherd Rescue?

Choosing an excellent German Shepherd rescue can be quite difficult if you do not know what you are searching for. But here are some guides that you can consider in choosing a good German Shepherd rescue.

Check The Temperament

The first thing you can consider is the temperament of the German Shepherd. Rescue dogs have been through a lot, and that can change their temperament. If you want a good German Shepherd rescue, check the behavior of the dog. 

Check For Sociability

You can choose a German Shepherd that is sociable. You do not want antisocial dogs because they will not interact with you, and they will not be friendly with you. Pick a very open dog. 

Check For Physical Health

You do not want a sickly dog. That can be a lot of work and a lot of attention. You will frequently take your dog to the vet. 

It would cost you money and time. So look at the physical appearance of the dog. Check the fur, the face, and the body of the German Shepherd.

Check For Trusting Personality

As mentioned, rescued dogs are not always in excellent shape. These dogs have been through a lot of trauma and abuse. 

These experiences would alter the puppies' personalities, and they will have a hard time trusting new people. So you need to check if the dog still has trust. Observe if the dog will still come to you and wag its tail. 

Check For Shyness

Most dogs in animal rescue will shy away from you. You can avoid these dogs because they will not be open to you—no open gestures at all, like showering you with licks and cuddles. 

You will not enjoy these dogs’ company because it is almost as if they do not want anything to do with you. This is something that you should look for. 

These are some of the vital things you can consider when you adopt and rehome German Shepherds.

What Is the Average Price of a German Shepherd Adoption?

The breed of German Shepherds is popular nowadays. German Shepherds are known for their perfect and loyal companions. German Shepherds are also very well known for their protective instinct. 

Many people wanted to know the average cost it would take to adopt a rescued German shepherd. The usual price would range from three hundred fifty dollars to five hundred fifty dollars. 

These are the ranges you have to expect. You can always look for rescue shelters in your area and compare prices. Choose the animal shelter that you think is genuinely concerned for these puppies. 

Pros and Cons of Getting a German Shepherd From a Rescue or Shelter

Are you planning on adding a new family member? Are you thinking of that family member to be a German shepherd? If yes, we are going to help you with that decision. 

After the firm decision of getting a dog, the next question you would ask yourself is where you get them. The first that might come to your mind is buying the dog, but there is another option to get it from a rescue. 

Many things have their pros and cons, and adopting a German shepherd from a rescue or shelter also has good and bad things. 

If you are confused, we can help you with that by providing you the pros and cons of adopting a German shepherd from a rescue or shelter. With these guides, you'll know what to expect when you adopt in rescue shelters.


The German Shepherd Will Be Grateful

This is an emotion that is known to be with humans and not on dogs. But it exists. Dogs in animal rescues are sad. 

After being rescued from whatever bad things they are experiencing in their previous homes, they will spend their life in a shelter with minimal attention. These dogs wanted to be adopted because they want a good life outside and past a cage. 

You Are Saving A Life

Do you know that many dogs are put to sleep because the supply is endless and the adoption rate of dogs is slow? Thousands of dogs are found and rescued every day because some people do not take it seriously. 

With this, there are not enough shelters for these newfound dogs. In return, they are put to rest because of that. If you go to shelters, you are saving a dog's life. 

You do not just save the life of the dog you are adopting; you are also saving the dog who will replace the dog you just adopted.

You Will Spend Less

If you will adopt a dog from an animal shelter, it is cheaper than buying from dog breeders or animal pet shops. The cost you will be paying for adoption is also to pay the shelter for all the expenses they had with the food and the medical care.


You Will Missed Almost Half Of The Dog's Life

Dogs in animal shelters have already spent their life with someone else. With this, you get to spend less time with these dogs.

You Need To Train The Dogs

Dogs from animal shelters have been with someone else, and there might be temperaments and personalities that are unpleasant but were not trained by the previous owner.

You Will Miss Raising The Puppy

In adoption, most of the time, the dog is now an adult. You will not get to spend the privilege of taking care of the puppy and witnessing them grow.


In summary, owning a dog has its pros and cons. You need to think correctly to know what to expect in adopting a dog in animal shelters. 

German Shepherd is a magnificent breed to have, especially if you want gentle companionship and a protector. German shepherds have their unique features. 

With this, getting a German shepherd might be the best decision you ever made. Just know that adopting a dog has worked, and it is nothing if you are determined and loyal to keeping a dog.