Poodle Rescues and Shelters in the United States

Poodles are one of the cutest and most splendid rescues pets you can have. However, they can also be quite expensive. However, you have another option, and that is adoption.

By adopting a Poodle, you can not only save money. Moreover, you also save a life of a homeless poodle. This way, you also give it a family and the love it deserves.

We compiled a list that includes every Poodle Rescues and Shelters. You can look at whatever state you're in or near.

We hope for the best to find a Poodle for you to rehome!

Poodle Rescues and Shelters

List of Poodle Rescues

How to Choose a Good Poodle Rescue?

Every Poodle (and every dog) deserves the best love and care from a family of its own. Thus, if you would adopt a Poodle, you should go to a rescue that loves and cares like a family.

For this reason, you may look at these qualities in a rescue or shelter to be sure it's a great one. 

In Short, you need to choose a rescue that:

Has active and preventative programs to reduce the animal killing

The Rescue or Shelter must have an aggressive public education about overpopulation. Further, they should exert efforts to apply differential licensing. Thus, they should reward owners of neutered animals with lower license fees, spay/neuter subsidies, and referrals.

Spays or neuters the dog before sending it to the new family

It's strictly necessary for all adopted animals to get spayed or neutered. Thus, a good rescue should comply by neutering all animals before going to their new homes.

Prioritizes the dogs' well-being

A good rescue should have a specific adoption process and a set of adoption policies. All these should always direct towards the well-being of the animals.

Maintains a clean and comfortable surrounding

A good rescue always shows it's such by the surroundings. A clean and comfortable place means the animals are also well-cared.

Further, it echoes a skilled, compassionate, and good hygiene and healthcare program.

What Is the Average Price of a Poodle Adoption?

If you have plans to adopt a Poodle in South Carolina, you won't only save the dog. You’ll also save a lot of money. 

On average, it would cost you around $700 to $1500 for a standard poodle if you would get one from a breeder. 

On the other hand, it would only cost you around $150 to $300 if you would adopt a poodle from a rescue or shelter. 

As always, you'll spend on other expenses like food and other items such as grooming tools and toys.

Still, adoption is a much cheaper or affordable way to have a Poodle at home. 

Pros and Cons of Getting a Poodle From a Rescue or Shelter

A Poodle Rescue or Shelter is a great place to adopt a dog. Further, it's a great place to start a search for your canine companion.

Still, it would be best to remember that adopting a Poodle from a shelter or a rescue group isn’t for everyone. Thus, here are a few pros and cons to think over if you consider a new pet’s commitment.


Save one of the many animals euthanized every year

One of the best benefits of adoption is that you save an animal from getting euthanized. In short, you give the dog a second chance, a new life and home that it deserves.

Realize that what you wanted might not be the one you need

For instance, you may think you want a puppy. However, you may discover that an adult dog is calmer and better trained.

Save a lot of money

Adoption fees are quite far below what pet stores or breeders charge. Thus, you can use the saved money for your pet's needs instead.

Find out more info about your dog

As long as you find a responsible shelter, you'll receive plenty of care information. The shelters would also give you support, temperament evaluation, etc.


You may not find what you want

If you already have certain things in mind about your pet, adopting may not give you that.

You may not take your pet immediately

Shelters and rescue groups often have a waiting period. It means they would ask you to wait, so you don’t rush into a decision. It's also for the owners to have time to reclaim any animals that may be lost.

You may face a lot of questions and paperwork

Most shelters and rescue groups ask questions and hands out paperwork. Thus, you need to prepare for that.

The dog may not be what you expect

Your new pet may turn out to be quite different than what you expect. For instance, it may be different at home than when it is in the shelter.

Your desired dog may have a particular need you can't accommodate

Some rescue or shelter dogs have special needs. Some of which are quite hard for you to accommodate.

You may get rejected

If your dog didn't meet the shelter or rescue requirements, you might get rejected.


On the surface, poodle adoption seems to be an easy task. However, it’s quite the opposite in reality. The whole process would give you a handful of tasks and requirements. Nevertheless, it offers a more affordable alternative to become paw parents than breeders.

You can find several Poodle Rescues scattered in each state. With this guide, you’ll have a starting point in looking, so you won’t begin from scratch.

While adoption may be different from getting a pup, you’ll still enjoy Poodle nonetheless. Thus, you don’t need to hold back if you plan to rehome one.